Yes, Fatwa has been issued by the sharia review bureau.
Yes, expats can apply. Expats need to have valid Saudi Iqama
  • Government
  • Private sector (approved companies only )
  • Retired ( Saudi Nationals only )
  • Military
Saudi nationals: Atleast 3 months Expatriates: Atleast 12 months (Iqama remaining validity of atleast 3 months)
Yes, is in order to avail of this facility the company customer works for needs to be listed with Tasheel Finance.
If the company is not currently listed with us, we can refer to our sales team to check if the company you work for can be listed.
Depending on the card type, you can enjoy many benefits like:
  • Cash back of up to 2.25%
  • Special discounts on various segments
  • Profit Free Credit period up to 52 days
a. Private sector
  • Copy of valid Saudi ID / Iqama
  • Salary Certificate in original not more than 1 month old signed by authorized signatory authenticated by the Chamber of Commerce where customer’s income is not in agreement with GOSI data*
  • 3 Month Bank Statement showing last 3 Salary Transfers*
  • Finance Contract with TAS’HEEL Finance
  • One promissory note
  • National address
  • CITC
b.Government sector
  • Copy of valid Saudi ID / Iqama
  • Salary Certificate original, dated not more than 1- month old stating applicant’s name position, – hiring date, type of contract, income, name of authorized signatory his title and signature authenticated by government body stamp
  • Last 3 – month bank statement showing salary credit to
  • Finance Contract with TAS’HEEL Finance
  • One promissory note
  • National address
  • CITC

Limit is assigned according to your salary and liabilities appearing in SIMAH.

Once application is approved, you will get an instant digital card which can be provisioned in Apple Pay or made Pay and  used immediately. Physical Card can be used once received and activated by calling Tas’heel Finance call center

Card can be activated through the below channels:
  1. Call center post authentication
  2. Website from logged in section
  3. Mobile App

PIN can be generated through Tasheel website and Mobile application.

It is the date statement is generated and sent to you. The statement will have all the details of your card like:
  • Total Due Amount
  • Minimum due
  • Due date
  • Transactions details
  • Repayments made in statement period
  • Reward balance/Rewards redeemed

Due date is the last date to make the payment to avoid any charges and profit being charged, due date is on 22nd of every calendar month

Minimum due is 5% of the total amount used. For example, if the amount used on the card is SAR 5000 then the min due would be 5000 * 5% = SAR 250. Min due amount also includes overdue amount + EPP amount (if applicable) + Overlimit amount (if applicable)

Card statement will be sent to your registered email id

Profit is (2.75% for Titanium & 2.25% for World) and it is calculated on unpaid amount. For example, if you spend on the card SAR 10,000 and you pay 3,000, then profit calculation is done as below:

From the transaction date until payment date profit is calculated for 10000*(2.25% /365)*number of days

Further from payment date until statement date 7000*(2.25%/365)*number of days.

If you pay the full outstanding amount before the due date (22nd of every month ) no profit will be charged.

Full details of charges available on tasheelfinance.com

You can pay the card through SADAD, code 261

You need to fill the dispute form, available in our website, and email it to



Dispute can take up to 45 days to get a response from the merchant

Yes, you can cancel the card within 14 days as long as any balance used is repaid in full.

Yes, you can cancel the card within 10 days without any fees, as long as any balance used is repaid in full.

Cash limit is at 30% of the assigned Credit Limit

Yes, your card details like Credit Limit, Repayment history, usage, date of Card issuance, etc will be reported to SIMAH

Call Center Number : 8003044434
Vist Us : www.tasheelfinance.com