“We are moving forward with a clear strategy, an experienced team, and an agile corporate structure. “

Sakhr Abdulrahman AlMulhem
Chief Executive Officer

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In Tasheel, while we value your capabilities and work experience, we are also ambitious to work with people who are passionate, encouraged to explore, and motivated towards change and innovation.

Our care for our people starts with our care for their family members.
Our dynamic environment and fast-growing opportunities enable us to offer exciting careers.
We take pride in offering a variety of learning opportunities as we believe that our only path is growth.
We believe in diversity and inclusion through enabling local young talents, female empowerment, and a diverse team.

Our Core Values

Customer First

We are responsible to deliver the best experience to our customers

Today is The Future

We are positioned to offer the most innovative and cutting-edge solutions

Together We Can

We believe that together, we drive a bigger impact

Think Big, Grow Bigger

We raise the bar, innovate, and come up with smart plans, our only path is growth


Is our drive to deliver the best performance and customer experience

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